Friday, September 3, 2010

Todays Music 9-2

today not a ton of music stuff goin on.

check the song
The shining path by thievery corporation on radio retaliation

again caught myself listening to michael frantis yell fire album today

listened to my "random chill time" (posted earlier) on my friends new house balcony for like over an our and it made a wonderful bliss along with the ocean.

A friend of mine introduced me to an hip hop artist named "MF doom". i really havent had much time to listen to him but my friend gave me like fifteen of his albums which means it will take a wile before i can go through it all. but the albums i put into itunes (havent put all of them in there yet need to make sure i like him) are as follows.
Born like this
MM food
Vaudeville villain
Venemous villain
take me to your leader
i think the take you to my leader might be an album he did with someone else tho. but yeah ill check him out and pull my favorties.
My buddy said he does a lot of unique things, such as in an instramental cd he did he used nothing but sounds in a 1970's godzilla film. stuff like that is typically cool so check him out.

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