Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Quick

just a quick album and song update (sorry im trying to do my math homework)
Peter tosh is an absolutley awesome artist and to be honest when he works with bob marley i like it better when tosh takes the lead of the song and the vocals. Any who they did an album called "wisdom" (2 discs) pretty sure they realeased it but never know with Bob marley, could have been a compilation. Anyway great album (atleast the first disc- thats all i have gotten to) but they do alot of there already realesed songs but they did them so well on this album. Such as keep on moving, and thankyou lord (this one not my fav version tho) stop that train (aslo not my fav version but still great (fav version on catch a fire)) they alos did tracks im not familiar with such as leave my business alone. This song is great has a good ska sound love how they did the vocals. Also a song that really struck me as sick chill and just awesome was "Dreamland". I had never heard this track by bob marley but it was awesome. I hope you can find this version from the wisdom album on youtube.
well back to homework thanks for teh comment carmen!
I swear if you guys comment more i will actuallly feel like people are listening and i will update more!

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