Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music for (8-31)

MMMMM hans zimmer hi. i really love him but i think alot of it has to be credited to the fact i love film scores. In addition to the recent addition (that was cool) of lion king and kung fu panda (both AWESOME) i also got the cod4:2 soundtrack (modern warfare two) and there are like a billion tracks but they are pretty good. i also forgot that i have the black hawk down soundtrack he did as well. i also got the pirates of the caribean at world ends sound track he did. i was trying to get the last samuri to but it didnt work out. Another film score i really want (not hans zimmer) is the march of the penguins soundtrack. i have heard one or two pieces from it and its pretty good i would suggest checking it out. i have never seen the movie tho. and of course we cant forget one of the best film scores of all time... lotr done by howard shore i like the first movies score the best. even if your one of those people with the mind of a two year old and couldnt appreciate the films of lotr, you will still like the soundtrack i promise.

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