Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How about some boogie?

Albert Ammons ablum titled "the boogie woogie man" can be found at the OP. THIS IS A MUST GET. great album. if you live in orem get it. great cd do bare with me its an older recording but it seems to sound pretty good. really good feeling album, i have been listening to this along with some frank sinatra and it makes you realize how much blues and jazz are just as big and enjoyable as hip hop rock reggae and aything else. anyway for real if you live in orem get this one from the library.
I have been listening to more and more of the frank sinatras "greatest hits" album. Absolutely STELLAR. Im not sure which one the OP has (didnt get it from there) but i know they have a ton of them there. If any of you noticed i used a sinatra quote as a face book status from the song "Something stupid" (AMAZING SON- i think its more on his pop end tho). But who knows im thinking about bagging my facebook. anyway some other good songs are the theme from "new york new york" and "ol man river" i hope to get some more soon. Ol man river is not the best song all the way trhough but some parts such as like 2 minutes is great.
Louis lortie- im pretty sure i have already mentioned him. any way to great tracks by him (found on the "daydreams" anthology found at the op.. under classical piano i think?) anyway the 2 tracks are
Chopin: Etude #1 in A flat, Op. 25/1, CT 26, "Aeolian Harp"
Liszt: Un Sospiro Concert Study, S 144/3
not sure what you should type into you tube to find these but great classical pieces these two are on the cd im making titled "sylvester" which is made up of mostly film scores and classical music. if you would like a copy i hope to have it done by christmas so yeah.

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  1. I love Boogie Woogie. I recommend getting "Classic Boogie Woogie" by the Boogie Woogie Kid. I think it has Boogie Woogie Man if I recall. It's also a clean recording without the fuzz.