Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A quick song. i have finals.

First off what the F happened to the comments and the readers?! where you guys at.

Anyway just one quick song cuz i have tons of crap that needs doing. the song is "hayling" by FC Kahuna. Trip hop for sure but awesome song. this was the first song of this genre i ever liked. funny story. This summer i got crazy CRAZY sick (i weighed 29 pounds less than i do now.. i weigh 209 ahem thankyou) with "krypto" something. I was lying on my couch just being crazy sick and it was like the middle of the day when i discovered our new blu ray dvd player can have internet on the tv. so i signed on to pandora via the remote and made a Finley Quaye radio station. Little did i realize that the results of that would be acid jazz. anyway as the first few songs of that genre played i was dissapointed thats what it brouhgt me and did not care for the genre at all. Anyway i then fell asleep. the next series of events cannot not be descirbed in words how crazy it was but i will try. Anyway i woke up - if you can call it that seeing how sick i was- and my head was just like spinning i was super sweaty it was in the mid day sun in like july there was no AC and i had a feever and blankets on me. Anyway the song hayling was playing on the T.V. and i have NEVER experienced music like i did this song- i was so tripped out and strung out i just remember this music litterally inside of me just like pulsing and it was so crazy i have never experienced music on a level like that before. it was really like in me i cant describe like it was all so trippy i cant even describe.
From then on i saw acid jazz and trip hop in a hole new light. If you dont like it i dont blame you cuz you never have seen it like i have. but trust me once it makes sense its swell.

Love Kenton
Sorry to babble on so much not about music.

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  1. i'm still here... it sounds like you were high, which is cool because you weren't but you had the same experience... haha