Monday, August 30, 2010

AHHHH (more music for 8/30)

FML i just typed a big effing paragraph and it got erased. here we go again. one of my favorite top 5 albums (top 5 is a huge deal to me) is the thicker than wather soundtrack. its the soundtrack from the film thicker than water that jack johnson did. its really good. one track really sticks out to me and thats rainbow. its the second track i believe. well last time when it all got erased it typed all about how i got into blues music and how artists and songs can be bridges. well screw writing that out again. also i talked about the movie thicker than water and brokedwon melody. youll just have to check them out on your own cuz i aint typin all that again. but a thankyou to justin nickle who owns all those surf movies and got me into them. the reason im not typin all this out again is cuz the soundtrack to kungfu panda just finished downloading!!!! i have wanted this for so long and i finally got it and am loving every moment of this hans zimmer did yet again a more than perfect job. i love it how he can capture the apitimy of what you would think the spirit of a country or land would be like. such as in lion king it just seems to be african (when in reality its pretty far of from african music) but it seems to capture such a beautiful spirt i just love it and cant get enough of it now i have the asian end. yes this is so good mmmm and i have lots more hans zimmer on the way and i new pandora of him.

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  1. oh the reason i wanted kung fu panda so bad was i heard a piece of it on my sat radio about a year back and it was really good. i love the station CINIMAGIC for all of those who have xm or sirus satalite radios. (good investments)