Monday, August 30, 2010

More music for today 8/30

Was listening to some of my sunday favorites and remembered a really good fav of mine although i only like a few of his songs... but i know its only a matter before it all grows on me and i understand it all. but anyway its norman blake. the orem public library has TONS of his albums and although its like country/blue grass like tenesse style its still shockingly good and you would be amazed at how similar it is to music that you would listen to and consider "chill". anyway my fav album by him is slow train throuhg georgia. you really have to get over the twangy bluegrass style but once you do you will love it. again, i only like a few tracks from this album because its so country and i typically dont listen to country but like i said its really similar to music you would listen to. anyway, check out the tracks called slow train through georgia, and spanish fandango(this one is an instramental) little joe, and there are a few other good ones on here but really if i was to slip an instramental from him on a chill cd i made and gave it to someone i can gurantee it would be a fav track you just have to get over the country vibe. but anyway start with spanish fandango its a really beautiful piece. Also, cant beet motab on the sabbath as well.

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