Saturday, August 28, 2010

Todays music

Today got some good new music
a bunch of new albums. first, i finally got the album by jack johnson titled en concert. sad i just got it? yes. but F braden lanham who promised to let me barrow it. its a great cd im a HUGE jj fan but it always pisses me off to see songs by him that were underground come up on his albums. i liked them better when people werent always playing them in the cars and stuff. but anyway, good to hear them he did a great job. like the original recordings of home and country road way better tho.

Also, i got 4 different albums from bizmarkie today. havent listened to to many of them yet but i see some of my favorites on there including "vapors" and "throw back". both are super sick and worth you tubing for sure.

Also, got deleirums album titled chimera. SUPER SICK havent listened to the hole thing all the way thru yet but they are a lot like zero 7 and i cant get enough of this acid jazz and trip hop (this cd is a lil more trip hop tho) but it has one of my favorite tracks ever on there called "stopwatch harts" super sick amazing track its on the cd i gave to suzy called underwater only im not sure the full version is on there. you should totally check that song out on you tube tho

Also, got frank sinatras greatest hits cd. need i explain? he is sick and thats all there is to it.

Also, "martina topley bird"s album titled the blue god. havent listened to this album to much but from what i have heard its pretty good. also a song on there that was also on susans album "underwater" that i gave her. the one by these guys is her favortie she told me titled "i still feel" its a pretty good song.

Also, finally got the J5 quality control album long story as to why i havent had it this hole time considering they are favorites. but yeah j5 in generall is bomb.

Anyway, thats today. check them out i hope to get some time to listen to all this all the way thru a few times

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