Monday, November 22, 2010

1 quick song

I have had this song for a long time and just love it never gets old. only song that is not actually from a film that has made it onto my film list.. its a pretty big deal. haha but yeah the song name is "Sipho" it is by hennie bekker i have no idea if you will be able to find this piece but it is truely amazing. I found it on a set of african cd's i have. if you get the chance go to the OP and snag some africa cds- african music is unreal and in my opinion arguable some of the most beautiful music ever (black people were made for music.) any way you cant find this cd/song in the OP but you might on you tube. I got the cd's in a 3 pack from costco with some more other great african stuff when i was like 15.
love kenton

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