Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todays music 9-1

gonna make this quick cuz im effin tired. and yes it is 9-1 my internet is still on utah time so go off of the dates i say not the internet.

First off, more about kung fu panda. fav track, oogway accends. super dramatic cool song especially if you liked the lion king end of hans zimmer.

got the march of the penguins album suprised it worked out and i found it. but its nothing amazing proabably to anyone else but i really like it. probably because i was raised in the snow it really gives that feel. my fav track is "the march" the score was done by alex wurman.

a song called "stakes is high" by "de la soul". de la soul is great a good influencer on a lot of rap like tribe called quest.

next is a song i found on one of my hip hop lists. its by an artist im not to familiar with the artist is "loop troop" check out the song "poor lonesome boy" by him on album "sidewalk headliners"

also found myself listening to phanton of the opera today. gotta love it. the soundtrack from the film

also dont ask me how but listened to a few songs by yellow card. havent heard them FOREVER like since i was like 10. i went and saw them live they were my first concert.

also i was listening to some of jack johnsons kfog archive music. check out and these are some of my fav songs by him ever but check out frankie and albert and pirate looks at forty. youtube didnt have these songs for the longest time but then they finally got them a few months ago.

jj calls out an artist names "taj mahal" on the franki and alber track. i was blown away with how much i liked the song "cake walk into town" on taj mahal. really fun song to harmonize to and just let your blues out.

that is all. farewell

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