Monday, November 15, 2010

Must be quick

Goodness im behind.

K not goingt to go into detail (this is probably a good thing) but here are some names and such to look into trust me they are all worth it but i dont have time to say why and other random nosnsenses.

Halo soundtrack. done by martain o donell. yes im a halo nerd, but besides that the soundtrack is great
slightly stoopid. Simply blown away with how consistant and legit they are. Not to mention they are so consistant in a genre that is not that defined which is awesome. they are like sublime on without the suckyness and inconsistancy of sublime.
Mono- this is some more trip hop. listen to "silicone" this song not only made it on my acid jazz playlist but also on the music to make love to (this would take place once the playful foreplay has gone down and its go time.)
311. havent given them to much listening but there dont tread on me album lasted in my cd player in my car for like 2 months.
the maytones. got there boat to zion album and im suprised that an old Ska band like that had such a good sound then and was as consistant with that album as they were.
Neil halstead. I have mentioned him before, but listen to baby i grew you a beard. SICK song absolutely love it took me a few times tho. cant find the chords online but the mighty engine song sounds splended on my uke.
jimmy cliff- great artist. think i have already metnioned him but have been listening to him but got a couple of anthologys.
tarrus riley. think i mentioned him to. but yeah got 2 more albums by him (super hard to find (at least outside of itunes)) listen to loves contagious and shes royal. Ablsolutely awesome. took me a few times thru tho.
taj mahal- goodness i think i have already talked about this sticky note of artists on the blog but the best of album is on its way into my top 5
ottis redding- great stuff. lots of good stuff in the genre from that time period. if you like that stuff listen to tom pettys barried treasure show on the "deep tracks" radio station (via satalite, you might be able to find it elsewhere tho- or atleast the track listings.)
J5 quality control- this album blew my mind. easily my favorite effort that j5 has put forth im sure to mention this a little more later on in the blog. they still had both cut chemist and dj numark on the album which meant the beans were so sick and fresh and the raps were the most artistic and flowing and full of style more than any other album i have ever heard. chali 2na was hands down the best i have seen him in his hole career. sad to know j5 is no longer together.

well class is ending ha later

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  1. i might love you. this has been the best post in a loooong time even though it's been like a month... i love beards and was talking about them today so neil haystead is awesome.... taj mahal, too. those were my favorites. :) update more often!