Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So sorry... but i will make up for it... 9-21

Dear listeners (which i have two of thankyou brady and carmen)
sorry i havent posted in forever. i do school from dusk til dawn so lay off.
Any who. I have a ton of music lined up to be posted unfortunently i have not had the time to.
but to make up for it i shall bless you with a piece that is just an absolute all time favorite of mine. Its a piano piece by Scott Joplin (the king of ragtime.. and for good reasons) titled "saint louis blues" you tube this " Scott Joplin - Saint Louis Blues.wmv " its the first one that shows up. I used to listen to this piece everyday in my car inbetween early morning seminary and first period. this one you need to give a listen to like a good 10 times at least if you dont like it. trust me!! its amazing. It bridged me really well into rag time (the OP (orem pulbic library) has a great ragtime selection) If you dont konw much about ragtime its basically the best thing ever i used to listen to it alot scott joplin is basically the king of all ragtime. but anyway check out the library they have a lot. but ragtime is a great bridge to blues as well. this is strait soul music that i hope you realize is soul music. let it out to this song. Once you find yourself just letting it out to this song especially at the climax and the end and you just feel so into it THAT IS YOUR FIRST CLUE THAT YOUR IN LOVE WITH BLUES MUSIC. please dont let this beautiful opertunity pass you by blues is an ubelieveably awesome genre of music that sounds so weird unless you listen to it right but any way i was supposed to only tell you about one song cuz its late and i have homework and i ended up saying more than i would have if i had just posted all of the new music. but anyway if you like this comment and i will give you some blues and ragtime artists that will bridge you further into these genres.

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