Saturday, August 28, 2010

Todays music

Got a hole new plethora of music. i got most of Zero 7's albums yesterday and i have been listening to them and they are really good really unique if you havent listened to them i suggest you do. they are sort of acid jazz, but every track is different and bizzare. give them a listen to forsure. i think the OP (orem pulic library) has two of there albums? but last time i went they were lost so good lukc. but zero 7 is tight the song that made me interested in them and got me into getting there albums was in the waiting line by zero 7 on in the waiting line. cool instramental song really unique refreshing to here them. be sure to give them a few listens becuase its weird so the first few time heard you probably wont like them bust trust me. also got like over 500 new rap songs today that i will be picking thru. i will update my favorites from those as i go thru it over the next wile. a cool song i listened to today was directions by psyce origami on the standard. its a sick song that popped up on my p-tip (positive tip) rap station on pandora. i have had it for a wile but it still is super sick.

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