Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ohter things i found this week

check out the lion king deluxe soundtrack.. hanz zimmer did over 3 tracks that really are like the best pieces of music ever especially if you like film scores.
the track names are as follows...
this land
king of pride rock
under the stars

this land is my fav then under the stars then pride rock but they are all super dope and good. found these like four days ago and i added them to my africa playlist however there not that african.. oh well.

Also i got the album distant relatives by damian marley and NAS a few days ago. its prettty solid i really like NAS and any track feat. damian marley i have ever heard was super dope. speaking of tracks feat. him check these out
guns up by chali 2na on fish outta water
ganja bus by cyprus hill on til death do us part ( took a few times before i liked this song but thats how all of cyprus hill songs are for me)
no, no, no, by eve on gangsta lovin - this was the first song on the cd i made for susan. its repeditave at fist but the end gets pretty dope
stand up by guru on jazzmatazz volume 4 - if you have never heard of jazzmatazz he is pretty interesting what he has done with jazz and hip hop look into it
i come prepared by k'naan on troubadour
traffic jam on kay bambas forth mix cd
iwannabe by musiq soulchild on onmyradio
culture reunited by x-clan on return from mecca

All of these tracks of course feature damian marley. there all pretty solid
ha since i mentioned x clan on that last song...
you should check x clan out. there pretty sick its a little more gangster rap but they really do a good job with it check out there return from mecca album.. i dont have the hole album but i have sent the request in a few weeks ago to the website i get alot of the music i listen to. but check out these songs by xclan
why you doin that
speak the truth
funky 4 you.. this track is feat chali 2na :) :) whom i love

speaking of chali 2na... he is seriously so sick and is one of my fav rappers. for those of you who dont know him he is like the super low voice in Jurassic 5 (j5 likely my favorite rap group of all time-but that hasnt been decided yet) listen to his stuff he did with j5 and also check out his self released album fish outta water (mentiond earlier) aslo he has some more harder to find feat tracks as listed

the place by dj format on if you cant join em beat em - this track is sick!
international by beenie man on kya bamba mix cd 4 but this is proabably his most famous track
not afraind to die by tippa ire on talk the truth
come on by tippa ire on talk the truth
all of these songs feat chali 2na of course

now i know i keep getting carried away but i mentioned dj format and there is just one song by him that you should check out
ugly brothers by dj format on if you cant join em beat em...
why do i meniton this song? beacuse this is the story of braden lanhams life and its pretty funny and has a pretty smooth flow.
ANYWAY im going to stop getting carried away beacuse all this post was supposed to be was about the NAS and damian marley album.. haha


  1. I've been listening to your J5 cd's from your room whenever I drive. Chali 2na is definitely the sickest on the albums.

  2. I listened to that song Ugly Brothers. Actually, I wrote that song.