Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playlist "Random Chill Time"

I made this playlist two days ago to listen to wile i laid in the middle of our hale in the hawaiin sun. its pretty upbeat and happy and i like it alot. kind of a random compilation of random artists but the emotion of the list holds pretty consistant i think. if you want to hear these songs, just listen to them on you tube.

Work it out by jurassic 5 on feedback
Concrete schoolyard by jurassic 5 on J5
Just a friend by biz markie on feel the streets
do it twice by bob marley - old school original version you can find it on the songs of freedom cds
country road by Jack johnson on mango tree
badfish dj by jack johnson on mango tree
orange wip grove by jack johnson on mango tree
good old days by pato banton on life is a miracle
life is a miracle (miracle mix) by pato banton on life is a miracle
legalize it! by pato banton on life is a miracle
diamonds on the inside by ben harper on diamonds on the inside
teach your children by crosby stills and nash on deja vu
your love gets sweeter (abbey road version if you can find it) by finley quaye on best of the epic years
I-76 by glove and the special sauce on best of g love and the special sauce- took me a few times but now i love this song
dubplate (little hero) by kya bamba you may only be able to find this on there mysapce page on the forth mix cd
me and julio down by the school yard by paul simon on negotiations and love song
zeplike by slightly stupid on closer to the sun
bandelero by slightyly stuped on closer to the sun
the joker by steve miller band on the greatest hits cd
frolic room by 311 on dont tread on me
this song called baby blue its probably unfindable i have no idea how i stumbled upon it but its super sick and chill
this i how i feel by finley quaye on the best of the epic years - sick song

yeah anyway listen to this wile lying in the sun. its wonderful
love, kenton!

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