Monday, January 31, 2011

"Yohsida Brothers"

Super stoked as I said last post got a ton of new music bumped up about 3 gig so I should be pretty busy for a wile. This now puts my music collection at 59.5 gigs! almost to 60.

Anyway the artist you need to check out is the "yoshida brothers". They are a japanese group (im pretty sure its two brothers...) and they are really new and good. I forget what the instrament is called they use but you will recognize it.

Im pretty sure I found them off of a lead I got on Pandora Radio. Thought I would give them a try and it was a solid investment. Im super bummed though becasue where I got the music it did not come with the name of the albums so im not sure which ones im listening to.

So instead I will jsut give you some track names to check out. I think from now on I will just post the link of where to watch/listen to the music along with the track names. but PLEASE comment and tell me if you like that better or if it even makes a difference.

another song I really liked was called "storm". Now I also have a remixed version of storm let me make sure i post the original cuz i liked that one much better.
Wow it actually took me a wile to find a good link to this one on youtube and it showed me again that there are so many links where the music has been mixed or altered! goodness knows if you guys have even been listening to the same stuff I have. If you liked storm maybe try a song from the "Black Hawk Down" soundtrack done by Hans Zimmer (bless his soul). its called "Hunger"
Not that simmilar but try the genre jump and see if you liked one why not the other. Thats a great tool- if you like one song of a genre find something a little simmilar in another genre and see if you like that one to. I like the middle eastern "chant" in both of these songs. I dont know alot about this chant stuff to much but I have learned a little about it and its super interesting. Look into how the middle east says their prayers and its an interesting take on music.

One song that is cool is called tabidachi (starting on a journey) this is a pretty good example of there obviously asian style so its pretty cool.
That is the link tell me if it works or doesnt please!

another song you should take a look at because it shows the diverstiy of the artist is "frontier" this one has a way more modern sound to it. It has all of the strings going and some piano and is more easy to listen to if you will. I like it but its not my favorite but its really cool to see them on all levels.

So enjoy those three my favorite was storm. Im bound to talk about them some more considering I have yet to listen to both there albums for very long so I there are more goodies to be found.

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