Friday, March 23, 2012

For Marissa! "Otis Redding" "Edith Piaf" "Gliberto" "Henri Salvador" "Vanoni"

Por me amigo marissa...
"Otis Redding" "Shout Bamalama"

"These arms of mine"

"Thats what my heart needs"

These were the first three tracks from "Dreams to remeber- otis redding anthology" (solid gold album.... two cd's). And Ill throw this last one in just cuz i love it (there are so many classics on this album!)

"You left the water running"

This next artist is "Edith Piaf" song "La Vie En Rose"

This one is from that "Getz Y Gilberto" album I was telling you about.. here is one of those tracks called "Crocovado"

I remember telling you about "Henri Salvador", heres a few.
"jardin d'hiver"... this isnt the original album version but its what i could find.
I cant find the other track i wanted to post.

This one is Ornella Vanoni... Ive already posted it, but i finally found a clean version without all the background sounds. "L'appuntamento"

Please hit me back with some other good tunes in this arean scout camp!

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