Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"David Porter" "Beck" "Bob Marley" "John Mayer" "B.B. King"

Heard this one last night on KRCL, sweet jam. Kinda long tho
"I cant see you when I want to"

In fact today lets do a few jams from KRCL. This one is from the Artist "Beck".  It has 3 million views so it has to be decently popular.  Wish I could find the long version, way sicker. I could only find the music video, so I would suggest not watching it- it always ruins the music.
"Where its at"

This one... what a Jam.  Its "Lively up yourself" by Bob Marley.  Usually my favorite go to version of this Jam is the one he did with Lee Scratch Perry, but this one is live and its soooo sick.  Seriously just gets it out of ya.  This one is from the "Babylon by Bus" album.
"Lively Up Yourself"

After posting that last one I thought to myself some of my favorite live songs, this one I have to do because I love it and the ENTIRE CONCERT and video (certainly suggest getting it) but its "John Mayer"s "where the light is" concert video... so sick.  My brother Scott got it for me.  Heres on that is way good- really like the lyrics.  I would watch the video on this one.
"In your Atmosphere"

And of course you cant be on a live tangent and not post up a B.B. King track.  Wish I could find the version from the concert video I got from the OP (orem public library) but this one of course is still great.  
"Im  a bluesman"

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