Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some newww freaakkin tunes :) "The Marketts" "Dick Dale" "Melanie" "Mungo Jerry"

Just a quick post.  Been gathering the new tunes lately just had to share a couple! hopefully I can start posting more.  Not so much even for you but for me (and by you I mean the 2 people that stumble upon my blog like once a year).

"The Marketts"
Pretty sure Ive posted for these guys a few time (tracks like Balboa Blue... if I didnt you def have to check it out) but here is another jam that has been just jammin for me the past 3 weeks.
- Surfers Stomp -

"Dick Dale"
I dont know If ive posted this one, but give it a listen if you liked the first.  This has made it on to more than 1 cd I've made.
- Lets go Trippin -

Found this jam about 5 minutes ago on a rollerskate in the waterpark video- it was remixed with a sick hip hop beat, wish I could find a clean quality version of the remix but no luck.  Here is the original, still wayyyy gooood track where has this one been hiding.
- Brand new Key -

"Mungo Jerry"
So as I would also suggest to you, when you find a track on youtube with an album cover like the track "brand new key" I would suggest clicking on the other suggested videos with the same album cover.  I came across this track, I have heard it quite a few times before but I'm so stoked I found it.

hahaha just couldnt go without posting... .this would actually be a DOPE track to cover

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