Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Etta James" "Mungo Jerry" "Nicola Conte" "Little People"

This one is such a jam.  I remember when I was working in some ladies yard when this song popped on for the first time.  Pretty sure me and Justin Nickle and Chad Hammilton all dropped our shovels and just danced instead of working for this one.  Best line "but loves sure gone and put a hurtin on me" when she sings all low...  Ill also post two other Jams from her, both solid gold.
"Somethings got a hold on me"
"At last"
"Id rather go blind"

Had to post another Jam from Mungo Jerry this ones a good one.  I will have you all know I went out and bought a metal Kazoo after hearing this one and play it with my Uke.
"You better leave that Whiskey Alone"

Sick little instrumental groove.  Try plugging in a jam like this and going longboarding or just cruise around town.  This one makes my "skate" play list.
"Jet Sounds"

This next one you may or may not like- I'm not really sure how it fits in the context of when you will listen to it.  I like to listen to this kind of music when I'm doing things I consider "epic"... haha like when I write things down that are on my mind or write business stuff... Im really cool.

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