Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Nostalgia 77" "Zero 7" "Brother Ali" Atmosphere"

 "Nostalgia 77"
I picked up this Jam from 90.9 KRCL the radio station.  By the way I think this station is hands down the best at least in Utah Valley.  The first time I heard this song/cover I was in love and then every time it would come on I would get so stoked, found out they post all their playlists and I have snagged quite a few gems from there website.  The soul and just the "mmm oh my goodness" in this song is thru the roof.
"7 Nation Army"

"Zero 7"
I know I have posted this artist before but I have been listening to them like crazy and digging up a few more tracks from them. AWESOME ARTIST- definitely suggest at least snaggin the albums "when it falls" and I think the other is called "Simple things".  But anyway here are a few tracks that are swweeet.  Not one you probably will love right off the bat, but add it to your collection and it will grow on you for sure I freakin love em.
"Speed Dial No. 2"
And many more from this artist but I wont get post crazy!

"Brother Ali"
Just a fun hip hop jam.  Oh shout out to Christian Turley and Trevor Thomas for there "im so fly" song they made in high school haha.  Any ways pay attention to the artist I post after, they sound pretty similar- I have posted atmosphere a few times I think.  
"Forest Whitaker"

I have posted Atmosphere a few times but I don't thin I have done this track.   This jam fits the easy going style of the first one.

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