Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a few trip hop goodies

sorry for the lack of posts but it was the holidays. anyway here are just two great songs that are trip hop and cool.
So the first song on the cd titled "susan" i made "no no no" done by "eve". its a hip hop reggae blend and its pretty cool. may seem repeditave and dull but trust me its not i thought that at first. at first it was ketchy and good but i rarely ever listened to it all of the way through even when the cd was done. but now i understand the song so much more and realize thats not bad at all infact the song is much more than just a ketchy quick reggae and hip hom jam fuze. so give it some time. but anyway the song i would like to share today is a remake (im pretty sure this one and the one by eve were remakes to begin with" the track is called
"Non non non" by Daddy G.
Its in french im pretty sure but its basically just more of a trip hop version of the song and it is AWESOME. not sure which is better but still great songs both of them.
The other is
"Look UP" by Zero 7. just a cool song popped onto my pandora give it a listen.
love kenty
please comment!
tell me what you think and what you want to hear more of.
and the "sylvester" cd i made turned out great to bad none of you wanted a copy two great cds!!!


  1. Hey Kenton, nice blog. I have a simple request. Can you recommend any music like "Time of Our Lives" (Swiss-American Federation remix) by Paul Van Dyk.

  2. hmmm well i gave it a listen and its a fairly simple song and genre so there is really no like specifics i can give you. they sound A LOT like U2 (mostly there how to dismantle an atomic bomb as well as just there greatest hits). im trying to think of one else i know there is a noter artis its on the tip of my toungue i will get back to you. but thanks for commenting!! and if you have any other songs please let me know that one is kind of hard because its not weird haha. the song that kept comin up in my mind is "I still feel" by martina topley bird. I think i have mentioned this song before but it sort of has a simmilar set up with the versus and the chorus but notice this song is in a differnt genre so heads up right off the bat it wont sound the same but give it time and ignore the genre switch and you will realzie thses songs are VERY simmilar but gosh i cant think of the other artist give me some time ha and i will figure it out but please any other music you have questoins about let me know

  3. meh you can try "one republic" they are also a pop band (not to much of a fan of them) but they have the same style you might like them. oh and by the way mom just you tube all of these songs and artists dont get fooled into buying anything. you tube the song and you will find it if you want it for good ask bren and he can get it for you for cheap or free.

  4. i could see you liking the song stop and stare they did (one republic). and as for all the people who follow this know im suggesting these songs for my mother so im expempt from what im reccomending hahaha