Friday, January 28, 2011

EEEFF oops i accidentally clicked publish post early

ha sorry about that. but where was I..
oh yes, the album that has worked its way up to the other two greats is "everything you need". AWESOME album with some great favorites on it. First, mellow mood is on here, and it really is such a good song. Also classics like "officer" and "sweet honey". I have a really hard time listening to this album becasue i listened to it this brake at home and its all very closesly associated with snowboarding so it brings back tough memories. killing me deep inside and all you need are both grerat tracks to. pretty solid album but you can tell these guys roots seem to have come from late 90's or early 200o's because every once in a wile you will get a total punk rock / garage band song that pops in there haha. but this has to be one of the first fusions of rock as well as reggae.. and suprisingly you can pick up a lot of hip hop influence. what could bet better than a fusion of that?! really awesome stuff.

I gave my brother a cd of the acoustic live and direct (this guy is likely the worlds most critical music listener) and he said on his way from idaho to utah he played the cd on repeat the hole way home wich is suprising because its a pretty short album.

But please readers! let me know what you think of things and let me know if there is any music you would like to find more of for you.

I will be posting more and more i think because im getting into a rythm with school and becoming more adultish and i have lots more time now. so yeah. Im off to mcdonalds to use there internet to get a FAT list of new artists i have been compiling. so ill let you know how that gos.

I just checked my recently added list on itunes and there is some more frank sinatra but also there is a band called "iron and whine" they are pretty good havent given them to much listening but they are SUPER relaxed and chill musicians which can be kind of a bore but they have a few good songs. mess around with that. i like "god made the automobile" song they did.

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